Domestic Catalogue


Product Code Product Name
MR-120 Air Filter Car / Zen l 1000 CC.
MR-121 Air Filter Car Type-2 (MPFI)
MR-122 Air Filter Van / Gypsy
MR-123 Air Filter Alto / Wagon-R / Zen Estilo
MR-124 Air Filter Esteem Type - 1
MR-125 Air Filter Esteem Type - 2
MR-126 Air Filter Gypsy King
MR-127 Air Filter Zen Type -2 (MPFI)
MR-128 Air Filter Zen Diesel (PU Type)
MR-129 Air Filter Zen Diesel (Non P.U.)
MR-130 Air Filter Esteem Diesel (P.U Type)
MR-131 Air Filter Swift (Petrol)
MR-132 Air Filter Swift (Diesel)
MR-133 Air Filter Van CNG / LPG
MR-134 Air Filter Car CNG / LPG
MR-135 Oil Filter All Models of Type-1
MR-136 Oil Filter Type-1 (Tray Facking)
MR-137 Oil Filter Type-2 (Tray Packing)
MR-138 Oil Filter All Models of Type-2 (MPFI)
MR-139 Oil Filter Zen Diesel
MR-140 Oil Filter Swift (Diesel)
MR-150 Oil Filter SX4
MR-151 Oil Filter Grand Vitara
MR-152 Diesel Filter Zen Diesel
MR-153 Petrol Filter 1000CC/Esteem/Zen
MR-154 Petrol Filter Car
MR-155 Petrol Filter Van/Gypsy T-1
MR-156 Petrol Filter Car Type-2
MR-157 Petrol Filter Van Type-2
MR-158 Petrol Filter Zen Type-2
MR-159 Petrol Filter Esteem Type-2
MR-160 Petrol Filter Gypsy King
MR-161 Petrol Filter Wagon-R / Alto
MR-162 Petrol Filter Swift
MR-163 Diesel Filter Swift

Tata Motor Car

Product Code Product Name
MR-185 Air Filter Safari/Spacio
MR-186 Air Filter Sagari/Spacio PU Type
MR-187 Air Filter Safari Dicor
MR-188 Air Filter Safari Dicor 2.2
MR-189 Air Filter Indica Diesel
MR-190 Air Filter Indica Petrol
MR-200 Air Filter Indica Xeta (Non P.U.)
MR-201 Air Filter Indica Xeta
MR-202 Air Filter Indigo (Non P.U.)
MR-203 Air Filter Indigo P.U. Type
MR-204 Air Filter Indigo Marina (Non PU)
MR-205 Air Filter Indigo Marina (PU. Type)
MR-206 Air Filter Sumo (Non PU)
MR-207 Air Filter Sumo (P.U. Type)
MR-208 Air Filter Sumo Victa
MR-209 Oil Filter Indica
MR-210 Oil Filter Indigo
MR-211 Oil Filter Safari/Turbo/Sumo N.M.
MR-212 Oil Filter Spacio Paper Type
MR-213 Oil Filter Tata 407 Paper Type
MR-214 Oil Filter Sumo
MR-215 Oil Filter (Steering ) Leyland
MR-216 Oil Filter (Steering ) ZF
MR-217 Oil Filter (Steering ) Safari / Spacio / Indica (Fitted with RANE Assy.)
MR-218 Oil Filter Safari Dicor
MR-219 Oil Filter Nano Car
MR-220 Diesel Filter Indica (Cav-Type)
MR-221 Diesel Filter Sumo 0.5 Ltr. (Paper & Cloth)(Set of 2 Pcs.)
MR-222 Diesel Filter Sumo 0.5 Ltr. (Paper & Coil) (Set of 2 Pcs.)
MR-223 Diesel Filter 0.5 Ltr. Coil Type
MR-224 Diesel Filter 0.5 Ltr. Paper Type only
MR-225 Petrol Filter Indica Euro-3

Tata Commercial Vehicles

Product Code Product Name
MR-226 Air Filter Ace (O/M)
MR-227 Air Filter Ace (N/M)
MR-228 Air Filter 407 to 1109 (Set of 2 Pcs., Primary & Sec.)
MR-229 Air Filter Tata 407 to 409 (Inner Only)
MR-230 Air Filter Turbo (1613) (Hitachi) (Set of 2 Pcs., Primary & Sec.)
MR-231 Air Filter Turbo (2416) (Set of 2 Pcs., Primary & Sec.)
MR-232 Air Filter Turbo 2515/2516 (Set of 2 Pcs, Primary & Sec.) (TC Big )(OD=255mm) (H - 17")


Product Code Product Name
MR-164 Air Filter Lancer Petrol
MR-165 Air Filter Lancer Diesel
MR-166 Oil Filter Lancer Petrol
MR-167 Oil Filter Lancer Diesel
MR-168 Diesel Filter Pajero
MR-169 Diesel Filter Lancer Diesel


Product Code Product Name
MR-170 Air Filter Corsa
MR-171 Air Filter Astra (Non PU)
MR-172 Air Filter Astra (PU Type)
MR-173 Cabin (A.C.) Filter Astra
MR-174 Cabin (A.C.) Filter Corsa


Product Code Product Name
MR-241 Air Filter Qualis
MR-242 Air Filter Qualis PU-Type
MR-243 Air Filter Innova (Non P.U.)
MR-244 Air Filter Innova (P.U. Type)
MR-245 Oil Filter Corolla
MR-246 Oil Filter Qualis Euro-1
MR-247 Qil Filter Qualis Euro-2
MR-248 Qil Filter 1-C
MR-249 Qil Filter 2-C
MR-250 Qil Filter Innova
MR-251 Diesel Filter Big Qualis
MR-252 Diesel Filter Small Qualis
MR-253 Diesel Filter Innova
MR-254 Cabin Filter Innova

Cabin Filters

Product Code Product Name
MR-255 Cabin Filter Opel Astra
MR-256 Cabin Filter Opel Corsa
MR-257 Cabin Filter Skoda Octavia
MR-258 Cabin Filter Skoda Superb
MR-259 Cabin Filter Scorpio CRDi
MR-260 Cabin Filter Sonata
MR-261 Cabin Filter Accent CRDe
MR-262 Cabin Filter Getz
MR-263 Cabin Filter Getz (Plastic Casing)
MR-264 Cabin Filter Innova
MR-265 Cabin Filter Optra
MR-266 Cabin Filter Aveo
MR-267 Cabin Filter Ford Fiesta

Three Wheelers & LCVS

Product Code Product Name
MR-268 Air Filter Ape (Old Model)
MR-269 Air Filter Ape (PU Type) New Model
MR-270 Air Filter Bajaj CNG
MR-271 Air Filter Bajaj GC 1000
MR-272 Diesel Filter Kirloskar Engine
MR-273 Oil Filter Ape
MR-274 Oil Filter Ape (Tray Packing)
MR-275 Oil Filter Mini door
MR-276 Oil Filter Bajaj GC 1000
MR-277 Diesel Filter Mini door (ID engine)
MR-278 Diesel Filter Bajaj
MR-279 Oil & Diesel Filter Kit (Ape) (1 Oil Filter & 1 Diesel Filter Coil Type)

Industrial Engine & Generator (REF. T)

Product Code Product Name
MR-280 Air Filter for Greaves Engine Generator (Set of 2 Pieces, Primary & Secondary)
MR-281 Diesel Filter Kirloskar Engine


Product Code Product Name
MR-282 Air Filter JCB N/M (set of 2 pcs.) (primary & sec.)
MR-283 Air Filter JCB O/M (set of 2 pcs.) (primary & sec.)


Product Code Product Name
MR-284 Air Filter Inter. D.I. (PU Type)
MR-285 Air Filter Combine Harvase 12"
MR-286 Air Filter Combine Harvase 13"
MR-287 Air Filter Swaraj 855 (Pu Type)
MR-288 Air Filter Swaraj Long (Pu Type)
MR-289 Air Filter Massey Big Set (Pu Type)
MR-290 Air Filter John Deere Set (Pu Type)
MR-291 Air Filter Swaraj Mazda N/M (Pu Type)
MR-292 Air Filter Mpfi (Plastic Model)
MR-293 Air Filter Massey Small (Pu Type)
MR-294 Oil Filter Inter D.I.
MR-295 Oil Filter Massey D.I. Perkins(Spin on)
MR-296 Oil Filter Massey (423 Paper Type)
MR-297 Oil Filter Massey 245/ Perkins/ Mahindra / Swaraj
MR-298 Oil Filter New Holand
MR-299 Oil Filter Arjun Di
MR-291 Oil Filter Swaraj N/M
MR-292 Oil Filter Escort
MR-293 Oil Filter Ford
MR-294 Oil Filter Inter Tractor (422 Paper Type)
MR-295 Oil Filter Balwan
MR-296 Oil Filter Eicher
MR-297 Oil Filter Eicher (Tray Packing)
MR-298 Oil Filter HMT Zetor
MR-291 Oil Filter Sonalika (Spinon)
MR-292 Oil Filter Sonalika Ford Type (Spinon)
MR-293 Oil Filter Romanian
MR-294 Diesel Filter CAV Type
MR-295 Diesel Filter Set (0.5 Ltr.) (Paper & Cloth Type)
MR-296 Diesel Filter 0.5 Ltr. Coil Type only
MR-297 Diesel Filter 0.5 Ltr. Paper Type Only
MR-298 Diesel Filter Ford Holland
MR-299 Hydraulic Filter New Holland
MR-300 Hydraulic Filter Arjun Di
MR-301 Hydraulic Filter John Deer
MR-302 Hydraulic Filter Swaraj
MR-303 Hydraulic Filter Escort
MR-304 Hydraulic Filter Ford
MR-305 Hydraulic Filter Romanian
MR-306 Hydraulic Filter Sonalika
MR-307 Hydraulic Filter Sonalika

Automobile Section LCV

Product Code Product Name
MR-308 Oil Filter Allwyn Nissan
MR-309 Fuel Filter Allwyn Nissan
MR-310 Oil Filter Toyota (Spin On)
MR-311 Fuel Filter Toyota (Spin On Bottle Type)
MR-312 Fuel Filter Toyota Paper
MR-313 Fuel Filter Eicher Mitsubishi Canter Paper
MR-314 Oil Filter Eicher Mitsubishi Canter Paper
MR-315 By Pass Filter Eicher Mitsubishi-Canter Spin On
MR-316 Oil Filter Matador Bajaj, Standard-20 & Tempo Trax Cannister
MR-317 Oil Filter Matador Bajaj, Standard-20 & Tempo Trax Paper
MR-318 Oil Filter Swaraj Mazda Spin On
MR-319 Fuel Filter Swaraj Mazda Cannister
MR-320 By Pass Fileter Swaraj Mazda Spin On

Automobile Trucks & Buses Bedform , Dodge Rockets -354 & SHAKTIMAN

Product Code Product Name
MR-326 Oil Filter AutomobileTrucks & Buses Bedford, Dodge Rocket-354 & Shaktiman (AC-72)
MR-327 Oil Filter AutomobileTrucks & Buses Bedford, Dodge Rocket-354 & Shaktiman

Diesel & Oil Filter Assembly Complete, Cover, Bowl Sets

Product Code Product Name
MR-328 Diesel Filter Assy Complete (Small 0.5 Ltr.) Without Filter
MR-329 Diesel Filter Assy. Cover Left to Right to Lift / Close
MR-330 Diesel Filter Assy. Small Bowl Only
MR-331 Diesel Filter Assy. Big Complete (1.1 Ltr.) Without Filter
MR-332 Diesel Filter Assy. Big Cover Only
MR-333 Diesel Filter Assy. Big Bowl Only
MR-334 Diesel Filter Assy. Big Single
MR-335 Diesel Filter Assy. Big Cover Single
MR-336 Water Separater 1.1 Ltr.
MR-337 Diesel Filter Cover Tata 407
MR-338 Oil Filter Assy. Mahindra D. I. Cover Only
MR-339 Oil Filter Cover Only Swaraj N/M & Swaraj FE


Product Code Product Name  
MR-340 B-Check Kit (815 90035)
MR-341 Air Filter Intac (815 36171)
MR-342 Air Filter Intac (815 2309)
MR-343 Air Filter Intac (1011940)
MR-344 Air Filter (815 3748 49)
MR-345 Coolant Filter (815 009)
MR-346 Fuel Filter (815 11035)
MR-347 Oil Filter (815 11036)
MR-348 Fuel Filter (815 11007)
MR-349 Oil Filter (815 61209)
MR-350 Oil Filter (815 31266)
MR-351 Primary Filter (815 21037)
MR-352 Secondary Filter (815 31064)

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