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Our values: Encompassing change and continuity

Metsurama has always been a value-driven company. Many of our values can be traced back to our founder Rambhaj Goswami & Shri Ram Goswami, other values have changed or have arisen over the decades. Now we have put our guiding values in writing. Our values reflect the manner in which we run our business: Our professional ethics in dealing with our business partners, employees and society.

Future and Result Focus: In order to ensure dynamic development of our company and to guarantee longterm corporate success, we participate in shaping the changes in markets and technologies. By doing so, we provide our customers with innovative solutions and our associates with attractive jobs. We act result focused in order to secure growth and financial independence. With the dividends generated, the Shri Ram Engineers Pvt. Ltd. supports charitable activities.

Responsibility: We accept that our actions must accord with the interests of society. Above all else, we place our products and services in the interests of the safety of people, the economic use of resources, and environmental sustainability.

Initiative and Determination: We act on our own initiative, with an entrepreneurial but accountable spirit, and demonstrate determination in pursuing our goals.

Openness and Trust: We inform our associates, business partners, and investors in a timely and open fashion of important developments within our company. This is the best basis for a trustful relationship.

Fairness: We view mutual fairness as a condition of our corporate success when dealing with each other and with our business partners.

Cultural Diversity: We are aware of our company's regional and cultural origins and at the same time regard diversity as an asset, as well as a precondition of our global success.

Assuming global responsibility

Responsible use of natural resources and energy efficiency are the major challenges of the 21st century. As a leading technology company, Bosch is already developing the innovative technologies of the future. Sustainability is a key aspect of all developments at Bosch. We are therefore continuously improving our technical systems, which also opens up new applications for the future.

Fascinating Research at Metsurama

In Corporate Research our highly specialised employees all over the world work on technological breakthroughs. In this way new ideas are constantly taking shape that make existing products even more efficient, more comfortable, safer and more environment-friendly.

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